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Kars Rotteveel


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Some examples of past work


A1 class urban motorcycle










Graduation project. A 125cc equivelant e-scooter was developed in order to complete on the international market. The scooter has a topspeed of 110km/h and a maximum range of 180km. A fully functional prototype was built to validate range calculations and comfortability





















Low noise solution for vacuum cleaner

Philips Consumer Lifestyle asked to design a silent vacuumcleaner. Research showed that a too silent vacuum cleaner is perceived less powerful. Extensive aerodynamic flow simulations and an iconic shape has led to a powerful yet silent vacuum cleaner.






















Karrot design


















With the help of ordinary household junk, and collages with the intended emotions, a new memetic shape came to life



Karrot design

sail yacht









The innovative controllable weight on deck gave us the advantage to sail with the biggest surface area sail of all the competition, giving us the fastest TU boat of the year. The interior was completely designed and could fit 4 persons for an offshore adventure

Karrot Design*


Custom fixed gear bikes

*For more info check: karrot.nl/fixed

Custom fixed gear bicycles built by hand. Designs are made flush and clean, only the highest quality parts are used. Interested in owning a custom built fixie, contact me below!


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